Become part of the solution

Join a generation-spanning movement for the future with your company, your employees, and your customers.
Develey sign board in Forest

And invite your community to plant with you.

If you promise to plant 1,000 trees for each employee by 2030, you can get access to an individual subpage on your URL, on which your customers and employees can plant trees together with you.

Why 1,000?

We did the maths: If everyone plants 1,000 trees by 2030, and every company plants 1,000 trees for each employee and if only 10% join the movement we will plant one trillion trees and gain an additional 10 years to solve the climate crisis, due to shifting the tipping points of the climate system into the future by 10 years.

Set a tree target
Dense Forest with Green Trees
Plant for the Planet Webapp

Get the Plant-for-the-Planet app like Salesforce and Stern and invite your community to follow your example.

The App is open source, data secure, and free for donors and planting projects so that 100% of the donations flow into the projects. Young professionals of Plant-for-the-Planet monitor the quality of the tree planting projects and ensure transparency through satellite images. We do this because trees mean future to us. By hosting the App for a monthly fee, you enable us to further develop the App and keep empowering children and youth around the world.

Set a tree target


10 Products

Embed planting trees into 10 products and make trees part of everyday business. Each product with the Plant-for-the-Planet logo, shows the customer: "By buying this product you are planting trees".

10 Companies

Ask 10 companies to join our movement and follow your example. Because with something as emotionally powerful as planting trees, we can create a positive chain reaction together.

10 Celebrities

Join the “Stop talking. Start planting.” campaign and encourage 10 celebrity friends to join as well.
Link to campaign
Plant-for-the-Planet Logo on Products

Plant Trees with your Products

Print the Plant-for-the-Planet logo on your products and involve your customers to join the tree planting!

With the open-source and free of charge Plant-for-the-Planet App, anyone can find the perfect tree planting project. Planting trees has never been easier!

Offset unavoidable carbon emissions

Be it that your company is already climate-neutral or still on its way. We can help you increase your impact.

We support your climate neutrality with community-oriented communications: Show your commitment through climate neutrality, through carbon credits, and a growing corporate forest. Invite your community to join-in and plant even more trees. Each tree binds additional CO2, creates prosperity in the poor countries of the Global South and gives us young people hope.

Leaf germinating from soil

Company forest

Your company forest grows on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico on the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation's own land. More than 100 of our employees grow seedlings, plant them, and care for these young trees until they are big enough for € 1/tree.

Based on the Study Poorter et al. Nature. 2016, we expect our trees to capture on average 200 kg of CO2 in their lifetime. 

Yucatan Reforestation Project

We would be happy to work with you on your carbon footprint and offset your corporate emissions through carbon credits to prove your climate-neutrality. In addition, we will plant and care for your company forest. You determine it's size. Either by promising to plant 1,000 trees per employee until 2030 or by becoming climate positive and offsetting your emissions a second time through trees. There are also companies that retrospectively set themselves climate-neutral from the time of their foundation.

Our own ecologists and forest engineers, as well as the scientists of the CrowtherLab at ETH Zurich, accompany our reforestation. They advise us on which areas should regenerate naturally, and determine the CO2 captured. 

Your company forest is documented by satellite images and GPS data. You can see where and how your trees grow. You will receive reports on the planting project and can get an idea on-site and visit "your" trees! 

Communicate your climate neutrality with your company forest and:

  1. Invite your customers to plant and start a chain reaction 
  2. Move the climate tipping points into the future together and
  3. Create jobs in the countries of the global south. 

We young people will support you in doing so. We can also provide you with the Plant-for-the-Planet logo and help you with images and text material for your press work.

The Plant-for-the-Planet Certificate – more than climate neutral

Our Corporate Partnerships Team

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    Head of Corporate Partnerships
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  • Regular Donation

    With the climate crisis we are facing the biggest challenge of humankind. For our work we need reliable regular cash flows, in the form of a donation or sponsorship. 

    With your regular payment, we train children to become ambassadors for climate justice and can further develop the app with professional developers. 

    We children, youth and young adults are happy to speak at your events and inspire your employees and customers and convey the fun and joy of planting trees!

    One-time donation

    Also with a one-time donation for our foundation work you can help us a lot.

    You will automatically receive your donation receipt for your tax return in the first quarter of the following year.


    Communication Guidelines


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