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Join a generation-spanning movement for the future with your company, your employees, and your customers.

In the next 10 years, we will save our future.

We have a science-based approach and a natural solution. We are the generation that spreads hope and fights for a climate-just future. And we have one trillion reasons to believe in change.

Company sign on a planting site
We believe that corporate social responsibility is a keystone to beating the climate crisis. Corporate partners appreciate us for providing a simple, scalable and highly efficient answer: tree planting. Trees buy us time to mitigate the climate crisis. Plant-for-the-Planet envisions the largest reforestation project in human history with one trillion trees.
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Partnership Opportunities

We plant over 5,500 trees on a daily average, have empowered more than 91,000 children in 75 countries already and offset thousands of tons of CO2 every year.

This is only possible through the ongoing support of our long-term corporate partners. You can boost your impact too, here is how:

Dense Forest with Green Trees
Plant-for-the-Planet Webapp

Company Forest

Set a tree-planting target and achieve it alongside customers, employees and business partners.

Get the Plant-for-the-Planet app like Salesforce and many others. All trees donated via your link will grow your forest.

The App is open source, data secure, and free for donors and planting projects so that 100% of the donations flow into the projects.

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Plant-for-the-Planet Webapp

Climate Neutrality

To stay below the crucial 2˚C limit, we need to reduce emissions while capturing carbon already emitted. Become carbon neutral by offsetting all your currently unavoidable emissions.

In the process of becoming climate neutral with Plant-for-the-Planet, the CO2 compensation is solely conducted through the retirement of Gold Standard Certificates, which support the expansion of renewable energy sources in Asia and thus improve the global energy mix.

Additionally, you contribute to the empowerment of children and young people as well as to the worldwide restoration of ecosystems through trees, whereby the trees themselves are not part of the compensation. However, they are buying us important additional time for the transformation towards a clean economy.

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Plant-for-the-Planet Logo on your products

Tree-planting products

Promote your product by adding trees to it! Product branding using the Plant-for-the-Planet logo adds a “tree inside” your customer’s favourite products. Everyone can follow the planting progress with the Plant-for-the-Planet App.
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Empowerment and Education

In 2019 millions of youngsters took to the streets for climate action. Plant-for-the-Planet has been empowering children and youth since 2008, helping the youngest find their voice in what concerns their future the most: the climate crisis.

We invite you to take a look at our educational activities report to get an impression of our empowerment formats:

Educational Activities Report
Address the global issue of climate with an academy or event in your region.
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Sustainable Events

Make your event more sustainable by compensating your emissions, inviting one of our young Ambassadors for Climate Justice to teach your audience about the climate crisis or growing an event forest.
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