Ideas and Tools for Ambassadors

As a Climate Justice Ambassador, there are many ways to spread our message. The most important one: giving speeches! By explaining to adults and other children how important it is to plant trees, we find supporters. And we need them because only if we all work together, we can avert the climate crisis. On this page, you will find many ideas and documents that will help you to plan different actions. If you have any questions, you can always contact us: [email protected] 

Give Speeches

Speeches are our biggest lever to motivate other people to participate.

Download the presentation and start practising right away. 

Tip: The most important parts of a presentation are the introduction and the conclusion. Think about these parts very carefully and formulate a so-called Call to Action, i.e. your call to the audience to do something after your presentation (planting trees!).

Presentation (PPT)
Presentation (PDF)
Would you like to see more presentations by Climate Justice Ambassadors? Then check our YouTube channel.
Youtube Channel
Girl with Microphone giving speech about Climate justice


10 Tree targets

Invite 10 friends and relatives to set a tree target. Just show them your own tree target on the app.
Tree Target

10 Pictures

Take your own picture with a leaf in front of your mouth and share it. Encourage 10 friends to be part of the "Stop talking. Start planting." campaign.

Join in

10 Tree Gifts

Give trees as a present for our future. On the next 10 occasions, let it be Christmas, Easter, Birthday, or Just-Because-I-Like-You - inspire your friends & family to gift trees instead of normal presents!

Gift Trees
The most important thing is always: spread our message and motivate others to participate!

Organise a planting action in your area

Planting a tree is not difficult. But for it to survive, it is crucial to choose the right location, plant at the right time and take care of the tree afterwards. The easiest way to do this is to consult an expert who will help you. 

You can find out how to organise a planting action in our tree planting guide!

Guide - Planting action
Tip: If you would like to plant your tree as a sign of climate justice, you should do it with publicity. Invite local celebrities, your mayor, engaged children and youth and the local press. This is how we spread our message.

Organise a Run4Trees

A Run4Trees is a sponsored run, with climate as the focus! 

For every round that you and your friends or classmates run, people or companies donate trees. 

So convince your family and local businesses to support you. We will then plant a tree for every euro.

How can you organise a Run4Trees?  You can read in our guide

Run4Trees Guide
You need inspiration? Then take a look at Kate's experience report. She planted over 8,000 trees with her Run4Trees at her school!
Kate's Experience Report

To be heard, we have to be loud!

Climate protests have developed all over the world in recent years. Be there and be loud for your future! 

There are no climate protests taking place near you? Then organise your own. Ask friends and acquaintances and mobilise everyone you know. Make posters, think up sayings that you can shout and think about when and where your demonstration should take place. Then you can get started. Together you can, for example, move from the marketplace to the town hall and tell your wishes and demands to everyone along the way. 

Don't forget to inform your local media, so that the newspaper reports about your action and even more people get to know about it!

Awareness drive to plant a tree
climate justice ambassadors walking towards the Federal Chancellery in Berlin
Felix holding a poster of #StopTalkingStartPlanting Campaign

We want politicians to listen to us!

They must set the framework for a climate policy that will allow us to limit the temperature increase to a maximum of plus 2°C. This includes that particularly companies should compensate for their CO2 emissions. 

Get your local politicians to take the climate into account in all their decisions. The easiest way is to ask your mayor for a personal meeting. How to do this and how to best prepare for it is explained in our Mayor's Guide.

Guide Mayor (PDF)
Letter to Mayor (Word)

Also, ask your parents, aunts and uncles whether the company they work for is already carbon neutral. If not, then it's about time! Any company that has realised how important it is to take action can contact [email protected]. 

Politician meets with Plant-for-the-Planet climate justice ambassadors