Who owns the land that Plant-for-the-Planet is reforesting in Mexico?

We manage the land rights of our reforestation in the state of Campeche through our sister organization, the non-profit Plant-for-the-Planet A.C Mexico. An easement, called a “gravamen” in Mexico, is registered in the land register for the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, so that Planet-for-the-Planet A.C. may not transfer the land or parts thereof to third parties, encumber the land or parts thereof with mortgages, or cut down even a single tree without the consent of the German Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation. The land rights of our areas are regulated differently. Rancho 1 and 3 are governed by property law, Ranchos 2, 4, 5, 6 by Mexican agricultural law (Article 23, Section 5), which is most comparable to German cooperative law. In the case of property law, the following applies: The non-profit Mexican Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. is the owner. In the case of agricultural rights, the following applies: After every 30 years, Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. has the right to renew these agricultural rights. Whether Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. will make use of this renewal every 30 years depends largely on which of these two options can most promisingly ensure the increase of biomass. If it can be ensured that these forests will be protected in the long term, Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. plans to transfer the rights back to the cooperative in order to strengthen the local, cooperatively organized smallholders.